Apr 28, 2004

My University Life @ NUS (July 2000 - April 2004)

I flew down to Singapore on June 28, 2000 to join National University of Singapore (NUS). When I came down to NUS, I realized that the course I was being offered was a degree was not an Engineering course, but Computer Science course from the School of Computing. I graduated with Honours in April 2004. In many ways, it was a pretty good decision!

In the hindsight, I often feel that I should have studied more during my years in the University. Resources were plentiful, and yet, I didn't make much use of it. I did learn a lot of things which may not be academic, but they have made me the person I am today.

The peak of my study in NUS comprised of two projects that I did for the Communications and Internet Research Lab (CIR):

I lived on campus for my first three years in a hostel called the King Edward VII Hall. In my first year, I had a double room in Block C - 307. In my second and third year, I stayed in Block G - 405.

KE7 was full of charming people from all over the place. That made participating in hall activities a whole lot more fun. In my first two years, I was part of the publicity team for the Hall Play (Dancing about Architecture), the Block Committee (G Block), Windbreaker Committee (designed the logo at the back), Hockey, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Comics Team, etc.

In m third year, I joined a few university level activities:

Jan 1, 2004

My School Life

St. Mary's International School, Tokyo

July 1998 - June 2000

I did a diploma in International Baccalaureate from St. Mary's International School, Tokyo. This was the time when I did most of my artwork.

Balboa High School, Panama

August 1996 - May 1998