Aug 15, 2005


Pain is a concept familiar to all of us regardless of our background, stature or standing. Its almost like a drug, we can't live with or without it. We subconsciously crave it when we don't feel it, and go well out of our way to remedy it when it takes us over.

I came across this interesting article on The Economist : Pain Perception - Sex and drugs, which highlighted some interesting aspects on how men and women perceive pain differently.

...the way men and women experience pain is not only quantitatively different, but qualitatively different...
- The Economist

One thing still stands... men are a lot less vocal about expressing pain (both physical and emotional) than women are. Although it makes understanding men's problem for women a lot more difficult, it might coincide with their lack of expectation of someone being able to relate to their pain!


  1. hey.. thats pretty interesting! how did they manage to do the study though?!

  2. I guess it has almost become a stereotype of the time now... :)