Jul 5, 2006

How to hard reset a Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone

Well, I was trying to develop an applicaion to start on boot. When I changed the registry wrongly, the phone wouldnt' boot. The only way out was to hard reset the phone.

Officially, O2, a brand of HTC claims that hard reset can not be done by the end users. There is however a way to hard reset the Xphone / Xphone II / C500 /smt5600 / SP3 / SP3i / SP5 / SP5m.

Following are the hard reset instructions:
  1. Turn off the phone. (If the power button fails to respon, take the battery out.)

  2. Press the two soft keys while the phone is off. (I find it easy to set the phone on the table with the power button pointing towards the right. Then use the index and the middle finger of the left hand to press the soft keys simultaneously.

  3. Press the power button for 1.5 seconds. (Timing is sensitive. You make take several tries to get it right. ) Essentially, the picture is that the phone is off, you are holding the two soft keys, and then you press the power button for 1.5 seconds and release it.

  4. Press '0' when instructed. (When the phone will power up, and the screen will display an instruction to press '0' restore factory defaults, other keys to quit.)

  5. Wait while the phone hard resets itslef.


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  1. Thanks Guys,
    Worked a treat for me, the precise instructions are better than anything else out there.