Jan 20, 2007

My gracious moon...

On a brisk afternoon, a languid soul wonders...
Why are the stars saved for darkness?
For they wait for the sun to set...
To find a place next to my gracious moon.

Why do you play hide and seek with me?
The gray clouds conspire with a smirk...
You do not know how I feel.
But hope shall await patiently for eternity,
For my voice to win you over.

Jan 4, 2007

SMS Character Set & Sending special charcters

Like they say necessity is the mother of invention, today, i was forced to understand the GSM SMS standards. I was trying to send a range of special characters in my message. After hours of grueling work and debugging, I realized only a handful of special characters are allowed.

So, I dug up the standard for SMS - GSM 03.38. This corresponds to an ISO character set called ISO 8859-1, which is extremely similar to Microsoft's Windows-1252 character set.

Sending a message through Kannel

I was using Kannel, the open source SMS Gateway software to send out the SMSs. Now, Kannel accepts all messages posted over HTTP only in the Windows-1252 encoding.

So if you're using ASP.NET, you must URL encode your text using the Windows-1252 encoding before making the HTTP request to Kannel. Otherwise, the message received on the device on the other end will look like gibberish.

Receiving a message through Kannel (Kannel Post)

When Kannel receives a message, It tries to see if the character encoding matches ISO 8859-1. If it decoding the message fails using the 8-bit character set, it tries 16-bit Unicode Big Endian (UTF-16BE).

If it is configured to post the message to a designated URL, it will first URL Encode the received text using using the determined formatting, and then supply the character set in the URL as a query string parameter.

If you want to receive your messages in ISO 8859-1, it is important to stick to the characters defined in the set. Failing to do so will call your Post URL with Unicode encoded text.

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Jan 2, 2007

... ushering in 2007

Lets just say that we ushered in 2007 in Teresa Ville with quite a bang. It was Roy's idea all the way. All I had to do was lend my place.

We love having people over at our house... so much so that sometimes we walk into our living room to find someone bunking in our living room who none of us have ever met before. I think the Hospitality club should be quite happy with Akshay's membership.

Anyway, the night started at about 10 + and we kept rolling into 2007 till alcohol took over. Here's the link to the gallery which has the photos. I'll try to put the photo up on youtube soon!


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My artwork

Link to my albums : Paintings, Sketches, Doodles

I still remember my mom waking me up early in the morning, and getting me ready to go to the art class. It used to be a small gathering of kids from 8-10. I guess it was the only phase of my life when I did not oversleep on Sundays!

After a while... I found a whole different sense for art. I am not a brilliant artist, and nor do I know a lot about art. But I am thankful to LIFE for providing me with opportunities that nurtured the artistic self in me. There is an artist in all of us...

Here are the links to my artwork albums :

... faces ...

...a quest to hold back the hands of time...