Sep 29, 2008

From me to You...

Tangled up in my masks,
It is myself I seek,
To comprehend the convoluted,
It is a little simplicity I seek,
To contain the aggravation within,
It is a little peace I seek,
To survive this unempathizing world,
It is a little disconnection I seek,
To break the monotony of solitude,
It is a little love I seek,
To pour out the miseries untold,
It is a tear-drop I seek,
To share myself with You,
It is Your warm embrace I seek,
To give meaning to my existence,
It is only You I seek.

Sep 10, 2008

Touching the humanity within

Chris Albani gives a touching speech at TED Talks on the humanity we share with each other. He cites stories from his life and his experiences of the rites of the Igbo tribe in Southern Nigeria.